My Advice for New Moms

There is a lot of stuff to consider when your pregnant.   There’s the standard stuff like bottles, diapers and wipes and then there are also the bigger purchases like cribs, changing tables, etc.   It can be really overwhelming as a new mom.    Then there’s also swings, exersaucers, tummy time mats, bumbos.  The list goes on.   There’s so much stuff to buy and you want your baby to have everything.  I would love to be able to take a little pressure off of you by sharing something with you.  Besides your arms, the floor is the second best place for your baby to be.  The floor is an infinite playground.    That’s where your baby is going to learn to roll, crawl and walk.    Babies should have time on their backs on the floor every day.   I don’t mean tummy time.  I mean on their backs – where there body can relax into the floor and be completely supported by the floor.   If your child is calm and they feel supported, then they begin experimenting with small movements like the turning of their head, movement of the leg, rotation of a wrist or the shifting of weight in their hips.   Those tiny small movements you see a baby make are how they being to develop their “neurological map” of themselves.  The name for this map in our brains is called the Cortical Homunculus.   The eventual uprightness a baby achieves isn’t done by putting them upright.  Uprightness is achieved when a baby has built enough of a neurological map and when they can utilize the push and pull of gravity.   The ability to push against something in order to lift another part is the most efficient way to achieve movement.    So if your stressing about which baby products to buy I just want you to know your baby really doesn’t need all those things to thrive.   But they do need time on the floor to experiment with gravity and movement.

Here’s a video I recommend to illustrate what I’m talking about. . .

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