Turn limitations into possibilities

Helping children and infants to initiate and improve missing milestones. Can also provide movement evaluations and parent training. Goals may include reduced tone, improved functioning, development of new skill, improvement in scoliosis, or recovery of skills after a TBI.

There is nothing that cannot be improved upon.

Helping adults move without pain, increase their athletic performance, increase flexibility, and prevent injury. Goals may include faster recovery from hip surgery, reduced pain in standing or walking or restoring movement patterns from youth.

Touch has the power to heal

Helping trauma survivors restore regulation and balance to their nervous systems. This allows for the safe release of trauma stored in the bodies tissues. Goals may include decreased bracing, decreased flight or fight response in the body and an increased sense of control.

Feldenkrais In the News

Trying the Feldenkrais Method for Chronic Pain – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

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“My son was born 14 weeks premature and as a result had high tone in his legs and difficulty mastering gross motor milestones. After 6 month of no progress with PT we decided to try Feldenkrais. Within the first few lessons with Liberating Movement, his body was moving in completely new ways and he startedContinue reading “Highly recommended”

Highly recommended

Jennifer Miller has been pivotal in my healing journey. At age 62, I was in aterrible car accident that impaired my health so that I was not able to workanymore. I found this devastating because I love my work. Even as a personaltrainer of 24 years and massage therapist of 16 years I still feltContinue reading “Patty Walker, Simply Fit LLC”

Patty Walker, Simply Fit LLC