Invest in Yourself

You have more potential than you realize.  By providing very gentle input to the nervous system children and adults can experience lasting changes and improved quality of life. This is the power of neuroplasticity. This method is extremely effective for individuals with neurological conditions who have missing movement milestones. It is also beneficial for those wanting to move with reduced pain, enhance athletic performance or reduce injury. Jennifer is certified in both the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education™ and Movement Lesson™.  

Due to COVID-19, there are now several ways to book appointments with Jennifer. Starting October 3rd, Alliant Physical Therapy will be reopening and insurance can again be billed for in-person appointments on Saturdays only. To book an appointment please call 253-572-4611. For those who are not yet comfortable coming into the office, or who are not local, remote zoom sessions will continue to be offered in one-on-one sessions . Topics covered during the one-on-one remote sessions will be determined by what the parent or caregiver would like to focus on in addition to whatever Jennifer notices during the call. Each session is tailored to the specific child. During the consult, parents and/or caregivers will learn how to apply very gentle touch in a way that enacts lasting change in the system. In addition, you’ll receive feedback on how to explore movement with your child and what speed and range to work within based on your child’s queues.  To book please email Jennifer at jennifer@liberatingmovement.com. In addition, a very affordable 8 week series of weekly classes will again be offered for parents and caregivers of special children. To book, click link above.